Revolutionary DreamCube Series

How do you go about making a radical new portable building?

The Cube Portable Spaces team have done it! By finding the right people who could help with technical expertise, we have created something revolutionary.

This Cube is different. It has challenged all involved – designers, engineers, component suppliers, manufacturing systems and procedures, factory floor personnel and delivery.

The best in Portable Commercial Spaces

Why does the business sector need a superior portable building solution? Today’s pace of business demands it! More is expected from everything and everyone. “Improve the environment and it improves the team.” 

It is a fact that greater productivity and contentment abound from an attractive, modern, energy-efficient work space, a top-line reflection of the business you, our clients, provide yourselves, which shows your clients you really care!

The current offerings have limitations, hacked about shipping containers that are a very narrow, inefficient use of space and aesthetic nightmares. Others that are purposeful but look as pretty as a fridge and have various design shortcomings. All of which have corrosion issues, high entry height, small windows, reliance on silicone sealant for roof water fastness, minimal stud height, noise amplification through panel roof when raining which can make conversation near impossible, in-efficient fluorescent lighting, clinical environment, reduced interior width.

All in all a better occupier and client experience – simply fantastic: DREAMCUBE – like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it’s an industry game changer!

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Cube Funkie Interior by Cube Portable Buildings
DreamCube features:
  • Extensive use of aluminium and galvanised steel. No welded painted steel, minimising corrosion.
  • Reduced step in height. Ergonomically superior & safer!
  • Higher stud height. Sense of space and openness.
  • Widest interior in the industry. A touch under 3m.
  • LED lighting. For maximum energy efficiency.
  • Monobloc heat pump system, the latest in air conditioning technology, eliminating inefficient, ugly and damage prone outdoor aircon units.
  • Trizone roof ceiling system, profiled roof, high-grade thermal insulation, effective acoustic ceiling material. A leak-proof roof, warm or cool ambience, pleasantly quiet.
  • Duotough double-insulated toughened glazing system, offering thermal superiority, and vandal resistance.

With Cube Innovations your dreams of a luxury portable building that brings you all of the benefits of our DreamCube can come true. We can create your tailor-made state-of-the-art portable building.


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With the full functionality and specifications of the DREAMCUBE Portable Buildings series, the ‘Funkie’ takes fantastic design to a new level

CubeRent Building from Cube Portable Buildings

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